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Here at Ann Road Animal Hospital, we want to make sure that your pet is always prepared for new adventures abroad! We understand certain states/countries have specific requirements regarding pet travel but we need your help on the specifics. As the client, you are responsible for many aspects of the health certificate process. Please see the guidelines below.

  • Contact the consulate of state, country and/or endorsement office responsible for the location you wish to travel to for further instructions/requirements. This contact information can be obtained via the USDA Pet Travel site.
  • Contact the airline or shipping company you intend to use and obtain specific transport requirements prior to departure date.
    • Airline/transport companies might have specific time frames in which they validate certificates, therefore you must find validity dates from them and coordinate accordingly.
  •  If the state or country you’re traveling to requires a Rabies Titer (i.e. Hawaii USA, Taiwan, Japan, etc.) testing should be done many months in advance prior to travel. You must contact the consulate of state, country and/or endorsement office to get the exact time frame.
    • Many of the locations that require Rabies Titers also require ISO approved microchips to be implanted prior to the rabies vaccination AND rabies titer.
  • You must schedule a health certificate exam with a USDA Accredited Veterinarian after you’ve spoke to the consulate in charge since certificates can NOT be postdated. Please bring all original documentation to your appointment (i.e. Original rabies vaccination certificates with doctor’s signature in blue ink, import permits from country of travel, rabies titer documentation and/or shipping labels, if applicable)
  • You should be aware of all required treatments, if any, that are to be done on the day of the health certificate exam. Your pet may need specific flea and tick preventatives along with specific parasite de-worming treatments to be administered by the accredited veterinarian prior to departure.
    • Please be aware of specific date requirements for these preventatives. Some countries i.e. UK, Ireland, Norway, etc. will require you to bring your pet back to accredited veterinarian AFTER certificate has been endorsed to administer preventatives 1-5 days before arrival to that country.
  • Once your pet has been examined, the documents will be reviewed and signed by our accredited veterinarian at Ann Road Animal Hospital. They will be submitted along with any additional documentation you’re required to bring via VEHCS for USDA officials to review. Please note you should expect to pay additional fees — this may include but not limited to handling and USDA endorsement fees.

Download our International Pet Travel Checklist or Domestic Pet Travel Checklist before scheduling your next health certificate appointment and email it to!

The USDA office for International Travel is the following:

USDA, APHIS, VS, Veterinary Export Trade Services
10365 Old Placerville Road, Ste. 210
Sacramento, CA 95827-2518

The NV office for US Travel is the following:

State of Nevada
Department of Agriculture
Division of Animal Industry
405 South 21st Street, Sparks, Nevada 89431